// TODO: Write about myself in a way that makes me look good,
// but not *too* good. I mean, maybe this is just a space for
// me to gloat about myself. I've done some neat things -- I
// deserve to brag a little bit!
// About what though? My _jobs_? Well that doesn't reflect
// who I *am*. Oh boy, who I _am_?? That's what I'm supposed
// to put here? Are you kidding me? I have to figure that out
// before I can make an about page? That's ridiculous.
// No, no, that won't do. It is an "About Me" page, not a
// "Who I am" page. Subtly huge difference. I can talk about
// how I live in Boston. That's a good start. Maybe about how
// I'm really into biking?
// Does not owning a car and pretty much only owning a bike
// *count* as being really into biking? I'm not sure. Let's
// table that and do some research before we put it here.
// Maybe I should focus on what I want random internetians
// to take away from this page. What is _that_? A vague
// sense that I like to be quite silly? To be fair, that *is*
// a good thing to know about me. I should definitely make
// sure this page captures my general vibe.
// Oh! I have a good one; if someone wants to *contact* me:
// maybe I can put that here? Maybe if they have a question,
// or followup to one of the blog posts. I could probably do
// with just an email, something like contact@byronwasti.com.
// I'd certainly love to hear from anyone who has read what
// I've put here. Who wouldn't? Well, I guess negative stuff
// could be disappointing; unless it's phrased well to make
// it constructive. Constructive feedback would be awesome!
// And, although I don't write this blog to *get* a job
// (or has our subconscious hijacked us already? I've always
// been quite suspicious of that one...), I would certainly
// be open to certain opportunities. Might be good to include
// that, just in case.
// Actually! In that case maybe a blurb would be a good idea.
// I've always wanted to be someone who has a catch-phrase.
// Well, not really, but I've always wanted to be someone who
// it wouldn't be super weird if they *had* a catch-phrase.
// Maybe something like: "If you need someone who makes
// reliable systems in Rust, I'm the guy." Ok, fine, that
// blurb sucks. Shoot, writing a good blurb is *hard*. Is
// this why nobody has catch-phrases these days?
// Let's just take someone else's blurb. I'm a big fan of
// Firefly so maybe I can riff on their opening? How about:
// You got a job, I can do it, don't much care what it is.
// (But you'll probably get best results if it's using Rust)
// Well, probably need to workshop that a bit.